Sydney Speech & Elocution Lessons

Joe Klein - ATCL
Can help you to:

 Improve your communication skills.
 Express yourself with clarity and confidence.
  Confront your doubts and fears.
  Boost your self esteem.
  Feel comfortable in social situations.

Private coaching available in Sydney's eastern suburbs:
Speech & Drama
Public Speaking
Acting/Audition preparation
Tinity College London exams
AMEB exams
Accent improvement and Accent Reduction
Voice improvement
Etiquette and Deportment 

Phone: (02) 9389 8440 

Joe Klein
Elocution and Speech Coach
*Elocution: 1) Manner of speaking or reading in public. 2) Study & practice of good, clear speaking 
  including the management of voice & body movement. Source: Macquarie Dictionary.

Frequently asked questions:

What are your rates for 2013 - 2014?
$100 for a one hour lesson. You will achieve substantial results after 3 lessons.
Classes are one on one. You will generally need between 3-4 lessons to cover all the material necessary
for accent reduction and clear speech.

What is Speech & Drama?
Speech & Drama is the study of voice, anatomy of speech, body movement and general communication skills using a variety of literary and performance tools such as poetry (verse), prose and drama (Plays, mime, improvisation etc...). Until the 1970's most Speech & Drama teachers were known as elocution teachers. We still teach elocution (better known as articulation these days) but we use far more interesting techniques than in the old days.

What are your credentials?
Associate Trinity College London, Member Speech & Drama assoc. NSW, Director of Speech & drama Academy NSW, Former Toastmasters President.
I've been involved in public speaking, the theatre, and teaching Speech & Drama to adults and kids for many years.

Why learn Speech & Drama?
Speech & Drama can help you with verbal and non verbal communication, self expression, speaking in public and gaining better self awareness and self confidence. It gives you better control over your voice and improved social skills.

What will I learn during your lessons?
Once you give me a brief as to your requirements I will tailor a program to suit your needs. For example, if you would like to become a better public speaker, We will work on improvisation, voice projection, clarity, articulation / elocution and resonance. If you would like to sound more confident, we will explore assertive communication, voice power, relaxation techniques etc. If English is your second language (ESL), we will concentrate on accent improvement and conversation skills.

Who can benefit from your lessons?
Speech & Drama is beneficial for children and adults alike. My youngest student is 6 and the most mature are in their sixties.

Can Speech & Drama lessons help people with speech defects?
It depends on the type of speech defect/impediment. I have achieved excellent results in remedying slurred speech, lisp (lisping is also known as "sibilance"), mumbling, nasal tone, harsh tone, breathy tone, or overly high pitched voice. For other defects it's best to consult a speech therapist.

Do you recommend that your students take Speech & Drama exams?
You don't need to work towards an exam to make excellent progress. If you are a younger student, exams tend to focus attention to a greater extent.
It's also nice to get a certificate or Diploma as recognition of your efforts and ability.
Trinity College London offers Speech & Drama, Drama and effective communications examinations.
AMEB (Australian Music Examination Board) also offers Speech & Drama exams.
Examinations are conducted in Sydney and nationally 3 times a year.
There are 8 grades and 2 to 3 Diploma levels - depending on the type of course.
I am qualified to coach you for either of these examination programs.

Do you do training in other areas/topics?
Glad you asked... I also conduct etiquette courses. These includes business etiquette and social manners.
The training goes far beyond "which fork do I use for the salad..." and encompasses: introductions, social and
business chit-chat, cultural awareness and everything else that will save you from making a social faux pas.
The lessons are tailored to your needs and can be conducted as individual tuition at my place or yours in the Sydney area. By the way, Etiquette is often referred to as deportment.

How do I book a private lesson and where are you located?
You may phone me on 9389 8440 or email:
I am in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. Lessons / training can be conducted on your site for an additional fee.
My address is Unit 3, 125 MacPherson Street BRONTE

Please also visit our other Sydney sites: for public speaking courses for corporate presentation, accent improvement lessons and group training.